Your Guide to what an Engagement Photography Session Looks Like!

Aug 12, 2022 | 0 comments

If you didn’t already know it, I GIFT* my wedding couples an engagement session or what I like to call your “Ice-Breaker” session.

WHY? Well I’m glad you asked!

  • Because of how incredibly valuable it is for us to have time together before the wedding to break the ice of being in front of the camera.
  • You get to see how I work, get to experience how I guide you, and find out how much FUN it really is!
  • We get to meet in person before the wedding day (if we haven’t already) rather than me, some “stranger” turning up to take emotional heartfelt and sincere photos of other strangers!
  • It’s also a wonderful chance to express your individuality and personality regardless if you are introverted or extraverted!
  • The obvious bonus are the photos themselves we capture of you both in this special time in your lives. Like my past couples, you can use them on your invitations and website and splash them around your socials!!

I’m very passionate about getting the best results for you both and that tends to happen when I’ve met you before the wedding and we’ve made a connection. I mean, if you’re going to invest a good chunk of money into a photographer that you’re really excited about working with, then you want to get the MOST out of your experience leading up to the wedding, and of course ON the wedding day, right?


Where we shoot your session is totally up to you. It could be on top of a mountain, in a sprawling paddock, at the train station, down the main street of your hometown. Or even where you both first met! But it should reflect your personality and be a place you feel comfortable in taking photos. If you aren’t fussy I have many beautiful and relatively secluded locations within the Macedon Ranges and surrounds.


This is actually one of the most asked questions I get as a photographer; ‘what is the best time of day for our “ice-breaker”?

My go to is an hour before sunset for that beautiful golden light but almost anytime on an overcast day can also work very well. The time of year and what the weather is doing really does dictate how your session will look like. Aim for conditions you feel comfortable in what you plan to wear, and if the heavens are forecast for rain and wind then I’m open to rescheduling to a more suitable time.


The fun part! What you choose to wear should be both something that shows off your personality and is comfortable getting around in the location we shoot at. Wear colours that compliment each other, but aren’t exactly the same for the both of you. Think about the location we are shooting at and pick colours that will “pop” against the landscape. If you want to sparkle find something with sequins, if you’re looking for something romantic consider long flowing dresses that will dance in the wind. And if you want to bring along another change of clothes then that’s fine too, just factor in the time required to do so.

And for the girls, if you’re insisting on wearing heels, please bring some “flats”  to wear to get to where we are going!

Maybe you want to create a ‘theme’ for your session by bringing along a picnic rug, food basket and a bottle of bubbly. Or if it’s more on the cooler side, umbrellas, beanies and scarves by a campfire.

And again for the girls, many of our MUA’s provide you with a makeup trial before the big day so you may want to coordinate this to happen on the same day of your session!


Some other questions I get asked are;

  • Can we bring a friend along? Yes, absolutely! If it makes you feel more comfortable then that’s going to compliment your photos. And it can also be handy to have another set of hands to help carry bags!
  • Can we bring the pooch along! That’s another big YES! Bring your dog, cat, horse, snake, I don’t care. I love animals and if it’s going to amplify your personality then I consider that a plus!
  • How do we get the photos, and how long after the shoot? I will send you a link to a private online gallery where you can download your shoot, as well as including these on your wedding photos USB. I try and aim to have them all completed within 6 weeks if not sooner, but you will certainly find some sneak peeks on my socials within a couple of days!

*Our complimentary engagement sessions are available only to couples who book us for 4 hours or more.

Amy & Braydon – Ice Breaker 6th Feb 2021 Wedding 19th Feb 2022

Cassie & Jules – Ice Breaker 17th Nov 2021 Wedding 11th Feb 2022

Gemma & Jake – Ice Breaker 10th Nov 2019 Wedding 18th Sep 2021

Jacqueline & Dane – Ice Breaker 9th Feb 2021 Wedding 9th Apr 2021

Jesse & Travis – Ice Breaker 14th Mar 2021 Wedding 11th Apr 2021

‘We loved our complimentary pre wedding session. We adore those photos and had so much fun! I completely agree that this is essential to do before taking your wedding photos.

The engagement session helped to create a special connection and helped to make the magic come alive on our special day!’

Kayte and Connor – Ice Breaker 7th Nov 2021 Wedding 19th Mar 2022

Katelin and Jason – Ice Breaker 8th Oct 2021 Wedding 6th Nov 2021

Nicole & Jhol – Ice Breaker 7th Feb 2021 Wedding 27th Nov 2021

Stephanie and Jack – Ice Breaker 7th Dec 2021 Wedding 29th Jan 2022

Stephanie and Matt – Ice Breaker 20th Mar 2022 Wedding 2nd Jul 2022

Svantje and Saeed -Ice Breaker 20th Jan 2022 Wedding 23rd Jan 2022

Tash and Richard – Ice Breaker 4th Mar 2021 Wedding 18th Apr 2021


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