Eystreem Merch Shoot | Castlemaine | Bendigo Commercial Photographer

Nov 19, 2019 | 0 comments

Eystreem | The Mill

Who the hell is Eystreem?

What does a ‘merch shoot’ look like?

All valid questions that we have the answers to! Some of you may remember a shoot we did with Eystreem (aka Jordan) last year. That was because the Bendigo resident had just clocked up 1 million subscribers on his Youtube channel ‘Eystreem’, one of the biggest Minecraft YouTube channels worldwide. Now, in only 12 months time he’s at 1.76 mill and counting! Like any brand, there’s merchandise to go with it, so we got the call.

We extended on last years shoot by inviting some of his friends along to show some diversity, meeting at ‘The Mill’ in Castlemaine for that industrial look. The weather played havoc with us, raining on and off with bursts of sunlight so timing the shots for a consistent look was a challenge. Here’s a little snippet from the days session…




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