A ‘Compassionate’ Update on our
Refund Policy

How this current situation is for couples engaged in or bravely making plans for their wedding is to put it simply, a kick in the guts. The constant disruptions and uncertainty are enough to send anxiety levels through the roof! And I can hear the frustration in your emails, your messages, all of the couples and wedding crew who have fallen victim to a snap lockdown a week, sometimes even a day before the big party.

So I wanted to send some good karma out into the world, maybe take a little bit of the stress out of an already stressful situation, as well as offer some clarity. Journey By Light Photography, like any wedding photographers or industry legends haven’t dodged any Covid-19 bullets by any means. We’re a small business doing it tough but we have heart. So I’ve made some exemptions to my existing cancellation and reschedule policy if your wedding has been disrupted by COVID-19.

  1. I’m making it 💯 free* to postpone your wedding to a future date —even if it’s only a guesstimate.
  2. I’m also making the booking fee refundable. This means if you need to cancel your booking more than 6 months before the wedding, you can get a full refund; or if your wedding is less than 6 months away, you can request a refund of up to 2/3rd of your total package.

You can read the full policy below.

My heart goes out to everyone struggling with their plans and the disruption this evil virus continues to throw at us. I just hope that this policy makes it a little easier for my couples to look forward to a future date so you can throw the PARTY.OF.YOUR.LIVES! ❤.

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption and anxiety to couples planning their weddings and the incredible industry that supports them. Because of this, I want to show a little more compassion in supporting our couples/clients compared to what is set out in my standard contract cancellation policy. This COVID-19 cancellation policy does not overwrite my existing contract, but acts as an assurance to my amazing couples/clients about how I will approach cancellations and postponements due to the effects of COVID-19 here-on until further notice with full transparency. The principles of this policy are:

  1. I will not charge any extra fee’s if a couple/client chooses to postpone their wedding/event if the booking has been made on or after July 1st, 2021
  2. *Where the booking has been placed before July 1st, 2021, then the couple/client agree to incur the mandatory 10% GST charge on their remaining balance when opting to postpone. (Journey By Light Photography registered for GST, July 1st 2021)
  3. If a couple/client chooses to cancel their wedding/event more than 6 months before the original wedding/event date, then I will refund 100% of all money paid.
  4. If a couple/client chooses to cancel their wedding/event less than 6 months before the original wedding/event date, then I will refund 100% of all money paid less 33% of the total booking order.
  5. If in the situation that we aren’t all able to agree on a new date, then we can (1) offer you a credit voucher for total monies paid to date (to be used on either photoshoots, albums, framed prints etc) or (2) you can request a refund in accordance to principles 3 & 4.


This policy applies to weddings/events where the booking has been placed between 1st Apr 2020 and Jan 1st 2022;


The wedding/event is cancelled or postponed directly due to:

  • Victorian border restrictions that which make it impossible or impractical for the couple/client to have more than 50% of their invited guests attend the wedding/event; or
  • State Government restrictions on public events or gatherings to contain the spread of COVID-19 that which makes it impossible or impractical to hold the wedding/event at all or as planned.


  1. A wedding/event can only be postponed once under this policy. Further cancellations may incur a fee.
  2. A wedding/event won’t be considered cancelled or postponed until the couple/client has notified Journey By Light Photography of the cancellation or postponement in writing (email is acceptable).
  3. The couple/client must notify Journey By Light Photography of the cancellation or postponement in writing at least 48 hours before the wedding/event, with the exception of any state government mandated restrictions announced without warning which would not allow the event to go ahead as planned and the couple/client 48hrs to respond.
  4. If a wedding/event is postponed, the new event date must be mutually agreed upon by the couple/client and Journey By Light Photography and confirmed in writing (email) within 2 months of the postponement notice.
  5. If a postponed wedding/event is later cancelled, the original wedding/event date shall be used for application of the cancellation policy.

This policy is subject to change without notice.

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