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Jul 7, 2021 | 1 comment

Tara & Jim | Coach House, Daylesford

What does a wedding look like that officially isn’t one? For Tara & Jim, it was a case of getting creative in this ever changing world we live in. To avoid any curve balls that the pandemic may have thrown them, they opted to have not one but two celebrations! So on a sunny April Sunday afternoon, a month out from their official wedding day, they shared an intimate celebration with their ‘friend family’. To me, it was hard to pick any differences other than there was no legal documents being signed. Their friend Alistair would ‘illegally’ officiate the loved up couple, providing many moments for tears and laughs, but still providing a sense that this was still a serious occasion. Champagne quickly followed their vows before the couple took a stroll around Lake Daylesford, mingling with the public who were none the wiser while Tara & Jim enjoyed some more bubbles. We’d soon arrive back at the very decadent Coach House which provided an amazing backdrop to the day…and their friends eagerly awaiting their return to resume celebrations most hastily!

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  1. Tara

    Thank you so much! I adore each and every one of these photos. You captured the atmosphere, emotion and beauty of the day perfectly. We will treasure these photos forever.


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