I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Nov 4, 2022 | 0 comments

WARNING; This story contains elements of fantasy and fiction, large quantities of joy, low level violence and the occasional geek reference. Reader discretion is advised!

Meet Steve & Casey. Their love story started the way that all good love stories do…online! At Steve & Casey’s first meeting they both turned up wearing Batman Converse and after receiving approval from Casey’s cat, Doctor Mew, their relationship blossomed. Fast forward 7 years, an epic wedding they did plan!

Think Star Wars, Doctor Who, Alice In Wonderland, Batman, Lord Of The Rings, all rolled into one amazing EPIC spectacle, with Steve and Casey our stars, and Lilibet the Corgi! (because every good story has a sidekick!). Holy Batman, you would not believe how well this dynamic duo personified their day. At every opportunity they introduced colour, individuality and inclusion. The ceremony was an absolute blast with celebrant Dee sporting a very apt bunting laden get up to match the maker in Casey, a witness raffle which played like the Price Is Right contestants being invited down by Larry Edmur and climaxing in an explosion of confetti fired from 4 canons! And that was just the start! If you want inspiration on how to do weddings, then by Geronimo, you just have to check this one out!

Venue – Cleveland Winery, Lancefield
Celebrant – Dee from Custom Celebrations by Dee
Hair & Makeup – Adrienne from Adrienne Make Up Artist
Florals – Amari from Venus In Ferns
DJ – Andrew McClelland



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