Luna Love | Cleveland Winery | Macedon Ranges Wedding Photographer

Jul 16, 2021 | 0 comments

Jacquelin & Dane | Cleveland Winery, Lancefield

It’s always interesting to know the timeline of our couples, no two stories are ever the same. Jacqui & Dane met 8 years ago at a dinner party and became good friends. Then in 2015 they became a couple. It was 2 years later that Jacqui proposed to Dane and thankfully he said yes! Again another couple derailed by the pandemic having to postpone their wedding another 12 months, found that the second time round was much more special. Having more time to plan a second wedding gave them more choice and every detail of the initial wedding was re-jigged, from the venue to the flowers, even the photographer! 😉 They only ever wanted a small wedding and were so excited to to finally share this special day with their most Nearest & Dearest. But regrettably, their cat Luna wasn’t able to attend. Better get yourselves a glass of red J & D, invite Luna up in front of the laptop while you enjoy these images over and over again!!



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