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May 3, 2019 | 0 comments

Michelle & Lachlan | Morden Grange

What a wedding! And all in our hometown of Malmsbury. Nurse Michelle & Sheep Farmer Lachlan picked a picture perfect day in Autumn (although you’d think it was Summer!) to reinforce an already established bond. We met them and their incredibly adorable children Harry & Phoebe at one of Malmsbury’s iconic structures, a now abandoned old homestead that faces the setting sun. Here we did a kind of “first look” session inside and outside of the old relic before heading across the road an hour or so later for the ceremony at “Morden Grange” , another abandoned homestead. A close group of family and friends were already waiting eagerly to see some rings go on fingers, and while Phoebe did her best to hide behind mum, under two impressive oak trees, Michelle & Lachlan sealed the deal!! Michelle’s vision of her wedding day was to utilise anything rustic, something that would tell a story, and incorporate these into their images. Look out for the horse shoes, ladders, watering cans and pitchforks! And we even ordered a brilliant Malmsbury sunset which was literally breathtaking! A bit like Michelle’s & Lachy’s Wedding! Enjoy!

P.S. Have you ever seen a groom wear a white shirt so well!




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