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Feb 16, 2021 | 1 comment

Gabby & Mike | Cosmopolitan Hotel | Trentham Falls

This is the love story of two very beautiful and adorable souls. A celebration of love, commitment, new beginnings and new life set against the backdrop of historic Trentham under ethereal and diffused light. The couple reciprocated tears of joy, Mike quietly thanked their little ring bearer, they went bush and explored the Domino Trail, then hiked down to Trentham Falls to steal a kiss or two, Gabby made a rock her stage and showed off her wedding dress (in sneakers no less!) before the couple returned to the ‘Cosmo’ to celebrate with a small gathering of those most precious to them. It was perfect, emotive, real and romantic and we wish the Angels every happiness ahead, xoxo

Venue – Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham

Celebrant – Diane Dridan

Makeup – Jemma O’Connor

Gabby’s Hair – Eve Salon

Florals – Etsy Australia

Gabby’s Gown – Grace Loves Lace

Mike’s Suit – Peter Jackson


side by side.jpg

1 Comment

  1. Gabriella

    These photos are amazing and truly capture our day! Thanks Adam!


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