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Jul 6, 2020 | 0 comments

Malmsbury In Isolation #4 | 25th May – 29th June 2020

Life in Malmsbury, documenting family’s and our town while ‘isolating’ during the recent historic events and government mandates taking place all over the world due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

So as they say, all good things come to an end! As restrictions recently were lifted, initiated by a fall in positive Covid-19 cases, we felt that we could no longer capture an honestly depiction of how the lockdowns had affected you. And now, as it seems, restrictions may well be enforced again with a steady rise in cases in Victoria alone. There’s no denying it, this year (as of June 25th) there have been 488,901 deaths globally due to Covid-19. That’s more than Malaria, Homicides, Suicides, Influenza and Malnutrition, and in only 6 months. (Source: Global Burden of Disease Study, Worldometers Populations & John Hopkins COVID Repository)

Locally though, the effects on businesses, tourism, our economy, peoples mental health, and just the whole ‘uncertainty’ of our future is a weight we all carry now. Tough times are ahead but if we all have each others backs, support our community then maybe we can get through this a little less unscathed. Still, on the other side of the coin, we’re pretty damn lucky to live in a country with decent healthcare and state governments who can co-operate to establish clear mandates to stop the spread. We’ve done well so far but time will tell.

But enough of the current reality. We’d like to reflect back on the last 10 families who we have introduced to you gradually over the last month or so and thank them for being a part of our ISO project. It certainly evolved towards the end with some families coming from out of Malmsbury to take part!

And to all of the families before these 10, THANK YOU TOO! It was a privilege to be invited into your ‘isolation’ if not more than for 15 minutes to document this small chapter in our lives. Who knows who will be looking at your faces in the next 100 years!!

And for the final numbers;

41 Families. 143 humans. 24 dogs. 20 geese. Several Chooks. A herd of cattle. A tribe of goats. 1 Rabbit. 1 Sheep. 1 Pony. 1 Cat. 2 Trampolines. 3 Cubby’s. 5 Veggie Patches. 1 Basketball Ring. 2 Bikes. And 1 falling wheelbarrow!!


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