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Aug 18, 2020 | 0 comments

Emma & Sean | You Yangs

A day before Melbourne locked down for stage 4 restrictions and a ban would be placed on any future weddings, Emma & Sean made it official. August 4th was the day it HAD to happen. It was their anniversary day and they weren’t going to let a worldwide pandemic stop them, let alone the artic chill, rain and sleet that was forecast. The ceremony was super fast, their celebrant David getting the two out of the cold and signed on the official forms in less than 8 minutes. Masks were mandatory but we all gave the two plenty of space so they could seal the deal with a kiss. They invited their good friend Toby out to be witness while we were privileged to be their second. Their adopted pup was happy to be third witness who waited patiently in the car before getting to stretch her legs with a brisk walk with the new Mr & Mrs! And what would a celebration be without cake, a Coles Red Velvet special no less. It was soooo good to be a part of this special memory in E & S’s lives, one that will be remembered for many things, but especially for love prevailing no matter what!




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