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May 8, 2020 | 0 comments

Samantha & Sam | Shadowfax Winery

Brace yourselves for the story of when Sam(antha) & Sam met…

“Met at the pub. Went on a date. Locked in from there”.

This is how they described how they met. The no nonsense, easy going attitude of the two was refreshing to say the least. They celebrated (or should we say partied!) with their nearest and dearest at Werribees renowned Shadowfax Winery on a perfect Summer evening. The day was filled with laughs, crazy gestures and fun…and that was even before Sam met Sam at Shadowfax to become Mr & Mrs, or Sam² as they affectionately referred to themselves as. The ceremony however was a serious affair, Sam & Sam making eyes at each other, until they were officially declared and they both gestured a big congratulatory ‘YES’ to their family and friends. It was blast being there to capture the laughs, the joy and love which radiated from the two, and we truly appreciated their dry wit!

We wish them many more laughs for the future!!




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