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Apr 4, 2022 | 2 comments

Cass & Jules | Olinda Yarra Estate

While there’s still a line up of couples who have had to put their weddings on hold after the last two years of “bizzaro world”, I’m seeing some interesting takes on how their initial wedding day vision has evolved. And the one thing positive that came out of 2 years of the “vid” is that that it gave couples more time to look at their first draft and improve on it, cut the fat so to speak and keep what was important to them. Cass & Jule’s “wedding” (yes, third quotation mark, I should be using them sparingly!) is the perfect example. C & J came up on my radar late 2019, planning for their wedding 12 months later. Then it was unfortunately postponed another 12 months. Then guess what, pushed again one more time into early 2022. Little did I know that they secretly eloped a day before their original date in 2020, only finding out myself 12mths later. That’s a big secret to keep, and I think they tried hoping they could surprise everyone at the “wedding” but word had gotten out by the time it eventually came around. So what to do??

They got married again of course, the way they had originally planned it and Cass & Jules 2.0 was what they coined the day’s celebrations! There was still a ceremony, wedding cake and a first dance; and it looked and felt like a wedding but geez the vibe was so chill!! But what was best about the day was the opportunity for all of Cass & Jule’s tribe to be with them, see them, celebrate them all with a sense of normality, post nuptials. And still be treated to their wedding day vision, regardless of how many times the date shifted.

That’s some resilience C & J, kudos to you both! I had a blast sharing 2.0 with you and capturing your light! And I’ll tell you what, it shines very bright, some might say you’re electric!! xoxo

Venue – Olinda Yarra Estate
Hair – Justine – Polished Style
Makeup – Make Up With Tash
Florals – Forget Me Floret



  1. Emily

    Stunning photos of a wonderful day and captured so beautifully.

  2. Eleni & Brett

    You are the stars ⭐️ that shone bright on this special day. And it was very special. Thank you for letting us be some of the sprinkles.


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