Stand By Me

Jan 30, 2024 | 0 comments

Jade & Josh blitzed their nuptials with an ever enthusiastic ensemble of their nearest and dearest on a typical dramatic Melbourne Summer’s day. I mean what’s a wedding without a little bit of drama!! I remember Jade emailing me a couple of weeks out with some concerns about rain and I quietly reassured her that rain, hail or shine she was going to have the best day regardless. Well guess what? It did rain… but not during the important parts of the day and we stayed relatively dry. But the addition of rain helped to cool the night down and add some magic to some ethereal images we captured for the loved up couple.

We started at Jade & Josh’s home in suburban Melton where the boys were hanging out in their personalised BB tops sipping on whisky (as you do!) before suiting up, Josh looking the part in a Black and Bone combo while the grooms held the fort in classic B&W. This part of the day for me is always a delight to capture, the laughter and nervousness all rolled into one is addictive and sets the mood for the rest of the day.

Next stop was no different. Not more than 5 mins away at Josh’s soon to be MIL the girls had finished in the chair with Natalie and Fhab Hair and were ready to choreograph some pre wedding memories. Think pillow fight without the pillows, a quick practice of their reception dance routine and getting all voguelicious on the bed… all before frocking up! Jade chose a lace embellished design which was perfectly complemented by matching sleeves topped off with a full length veil, Mum helping to put it all together. Dad arrived just in time to have his emotions tried when he saw Jade for the first time in her wedding gown. Get’s them every time no matter how ‘tough’ they are!

Did I mention drama?! So we are at the beautiful grounds of Warrawong Estate waiting for the bride tribe to arrive, 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins late and we start to make some phone calls. Finally 20 mins later they appear in their rides, one of which was the same car Jades Dad had for his wedding 30 years ago. Seems we jinxed it when we were gushing over it back at Jades Mum’s and bragging that the tyres hadn’t been replaced for 30 years! Whoops! Even the spare was a little bit flat but Lawrence was able to nurse the old Holden over the finish line! Probably the longest 20 mins of Josh’s life, but celebrant/cheerleader Heidi brought decorum and relief to all waiting on Jade & co’s arrival. Cue Jade, flanked by Mum & Dad approaching the sunken garden to everyone impatiently waiting and Josh would swear he had something in his eye! That something might have been the realisation that he was about to finally marry his childhood sweetheart! Our ceremony was entertaining and heartfelt all at the same time thnx to head mistress Heidi at the helm, offering the masses a one time opportunity to take their ‘paparazzi’ pics of J&J before threatening any further pics would be punished with a Nerf Gun bullet to the face, a title handled very seriously by Josh’s brother! It would be 24 minutes later that the couple would be walking down the aisle to rapturous applause as Australia’s newest married couple. There were cheer’s, tears and laughter throughout the afternoon, and still the rain held off, the moisture building with the anticipation of some cleverly crafted choreography that was set to go down once bums were on chairs under the old roofline of the Warrawong Woolshed. Once the first few notes of that ever enduring love song Stand By Me started playing, Josh took his wife Jade in arms and proceeded to utilise every square inch of the shed floor to make their first dance one to remember as their nearest and dearest cheered them on! Almost a show stealer but not quite, Jade then called dad up to continue the dancing spectacle who started with a slow dance against an old crooner (I can’t remember what it was!) but it quickly gave way to a more modern and upbeat track that Dad had no problem keeping up with! It ended up being the perfect day for Jade and Josh, even when the rain finally made its appearance while smiling relo’s and dear friends made the most of the occasion. And to that I concur!

To making the most of it Jade & Josh!

Love & Hugs, Ad’s xoxo

Venue – Warrawong Estate
Celebrant – Hitched By Heidi
Cosmotologist – Natalie Holmes Makeup Artistry
Hair Stylist – Fhab Hair Styling
Jade’s Gown – Luv Bridal
Josh’s Suit – yd Australia
Florist – Desflora
Tunes – DJ Dozza
Cake – Fork Yeah Baking



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