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May 10, 2019 | 0 comments

Tara & Damian | Willowmavin

Let us introduce you to Tara & Damian, or as affectionately known herein as, “Team Amuso”! Team Amuso recently returned back from Vegas, competed in the 2019 Spec Mix 500 World Championship, an international event for bricklayers, and representing Australia, Team Amuso (Damian on the bricks, Tara as his labourer) fought gallantly but unfortunately missed out on the win. On returning home they had another feat to accomplish. Get their home ready for their wedding day, and quickly! The results were amazing and easily wedding venue worthy. Their nearest and dearest would witness the two share their vows (and tears!) in the cow paddock while Zucca, their border collie roamed amongst them. It was hot and dusty. Typical of March. But once the sunset, it was party time with the night ending with Damian, his dad and other notable family members singing a rather passionate version of Frank Sinatra’s ‘I Did My Way’ alongside DNA Duo’s singer Dave. There’s an obvious passion and companionship shared between Tara & Damian, and we think they’ll put that to good use in their future years as husband and wife! Come and check out the amazing wedding these two superstars hosted.




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